Sunflower compositions. August 2016

It is given: endless fields of sunflowers and the desire to sacrifice sleep. Task: understand where to go. Plants around Lviv are abundant, but a good background is not all. We must also avoid the light and stay within a radius of at least 100 km, because from the very morning it would be desirable to go back. More information on light pollution can be found in a separate article.

As a result, I found on the maps lost somewhere in the village of Zvochivshchyna Skvariav.

For the first time, since the student days, I traveled by train. Already, he forgot about the existence of this cultural phenomenon, and here – on you. What sunflowers, which stars? Such genre plots here disappear everyday! ..


: )


It is almost the night on the road somewhere between the villages. The horizon burns red, but it’s not the evening dusk. There are many wildfires around. I was more concerned about the probability of getting into the captivity of fire, and the light that these fires would create. With long endurance it is quite possible. I apologize for that quality. It was lazy to strap, so photographed the road right from hands.


I have been looking for a good number of sunflowers and have done some test frames. In general, it looks good, but the wind constantly drives the clouds and it would be desirable to wait until the clean sky.


On the opposite side, which was lit by fires in general, everything is directly reddened. From hopelessness, I spread my rug, boil water and I simply cut myself off even without making tea

After, probably, a good hour of colored dreams, I open my eyes and the brightest starry sky was the first thing I see in front of me!


She worked a bit more on several frames, got the desired result and began to gather back. It already began to shine.


I was still afraid of a sudden cry from the field : ) Some bird or something similar was shouted as if it had been clipped.


I came to the village, waited for train, in turn was inspired by locals and from the very morning I was already at home.

And in the end the most difficult thing after night is do not fall asleep in the afternoon

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