Total lunar eclipse of september 28, 2015

Phases of total lunar eclipse of september 28, 2015. Svitiaz lake, Ukraine

During my life I have tried to make such a photo more than once, but always partial or full cloud has always been a hindrance.

This time with the weather in Lviv, as well as on most of Ukraine’s territory, everything is also ambiguous. Clean space was foreseen only in Volhynia, or even in the East. The choice is small, so go to Shatsky lake.

Everything is clear on the plan, in Shatsk me meets a clear night.

Passed 6 kilometers to the lake Svityaz. With such a moon, the flashlight is an unnecessary thing🙂

To eclipse 4 more hours. I waste my time looking for a beautiful background landscape. I climb to the tower, I look over the beach; everything is slag. In the end, he did not find anything better than a boat on the ground.
Even even an hour was sleeping on a dew-covered carema in a dew-covered sleeping bag
: S

I thought I would have a bunch of free time, I’ll do my tea … But only the eclipse begins, just forget about everything and barely manage to run between the two cameras here and there, trying to give a council with all these fasteners, covers, regulators and other evil. From the lake there is a strong wind blowing overboard 6°С

When shooting on a telephoto lens, very tangible micro-vibrations from the work of the mirror and all the shots on long exposures are treacherously slightly blurred. It was not able to solve this problem.

After a bright full moon, the eclipse gives you unforgettable feelings. It becomes very dark, the weakest stars appear, the Milky Way is visible. The following 2 photos, of course, are not complete, but at least roughly pass on how the picture changes:



When the full phase was over, it was still a hassle, loading in the wet sandy sand, to make such a frame with the second camera.

On the opposite side has already started to shine.

And finally, a wonderful event in the final phase of the eclipse.

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